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STORM 600 Profile Solicite orçamento

STORM 600 Profile is a compact IP65 600W LED moving head, with full functions as BEAM, SPOT, Wash and FRAMING. It comes with high efficient optic, linear CMYK color system, which offer super rich color and seamless CMV mixing;

The specially selected flexible framing system allows user to cut presice shapes and the 360° rotating animation wheel give stunning effects such as fire or waterwave. The item is perfect fixture for temporary outdoor installation, concerts, events, theme park and commercial activities etc.
Light Source: 600W
Angle: 7º-50º
Size: 416x358x729mm
Weight: 34kg
Casing: Flame-retardant plastic (VO); Die-cast aluminum
Color: Black
Voltage: AC100-240V
Max.Power: 750W
Power Connection: Power in/out
Signal socker: 3pin or Spin in and out, RJ45 in and out
Pan/Tilt rotation: 540º/270º(8-16 bit)
Dimmer: 0-100% 16Bit
Cooling: Direct Convection
Control: DMX/RDM/ARTNET/sACN/W-DMX (Optional).webserver
Display: On Board Control, 0-25Hz
Rotating Gobo: 7 Gobos+White, Gobo-flow effect, Gobo shake, Bi-directional rotation
Static Gobo: 10 + 1 Gobos
Prism: One pice of 4 F prism with bi-directional rotation, Speed adjustable
Ambient Temp: -20ºC - 45ºC
IP Rated: IP65


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