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SolarZoom v.3 Solicite orçamento

SolarZoom RGBW V.3 follows the huge success of the first and second generations, with an upgraded LED, with more efficiency and 15% higher brightness, capable of producing more than 1600lx. 

Maintaining the smooth and accurate 8º-40º electronic zoom system and the IP65 grade, this new SolarZoom is even more versatile and suitable for a large variaty of applications.


LED Qty.: 7x 20W multichip RGBW LED´s
Drive current and max. power: 950mA / 128W
Voltage: 100~240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Protocol: DMX512, RDM
Control personality: Tour (12C) / Arc.1 (3C) / Ar1.D (4C) / Arc.2 (4C) / Ar2.D (5C) / Ar2.S (6C) / HSV (3C) / TR16 (17C) / Ar2.Z (7C) / Full (25C)
Display: on board control
Beam angle: 8º-40º electronic zoom

Strobe and dimmer: 0-20Hz / 0-100% (16 bits)
Connections: DMX in/out, power in/out
Dimensions and weight: 334x191x236mm, 6,6kg
Casing and color: die-cast aluminum, black
Cooling: direct convection
Environment: -20ºC to 45ºC | IP65
Certification: CE, MET

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